We are currently maintaining residential, commercial swimming pools and rendering our regular services to ensure that all equipment and water analysis is kept in excellent condition. Our main concern is to ensure that the client should get the best enjoyment while ensuring that your pool maintenance budget is kept minimal. On a regular basis, In addition to carry out a regular maintenance we do pool water testing, dosing and visual checks on equipment to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Our extensive maintenance service includes the following.
1. Inspect & clean chemical injectors, foot and control valves on dosing pumps.
2. Inspect & calibrate chemical controllers for Chlorine.
3. Inspect & backwash filters.
4. Compare recent water tests carried out by maintenance staff.
5. Inspect filtration/booster pumps including cleaning impellers/baskets.
6. Inspect & clean non-return valves on circulating pumps.
7. Inspect all non-return and isolating valves.

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